Should You Undertake a DIY Building Construction Project?

DIY building construction2017 will be here soon. One of your resolutions may include building a new steel building or barn. You may feel right at home with a hammer and tool belt, but that doesn’t mean you can tackle the construction of a new building from start to finish. We have frequently seen homeowners wanting to be their own general contractor. We strongly advise against DIY building construction for reasons we will go over.

Why DIY Building Construction Projects Are a Bad Idea

DIY projects are on the rise due to the availability of steel building kits. However, keep in mind you’re not building a book shelf or bike rack. Building a standalone structure requires a completely different level of expertise. There are three reasons being your own general contractor is not in your best interest.

1. Permits

Erecting a building from the ground up is a massive physical undertaking, and the logistics involved are complex. Does the building meet local and municipal codes? In most cases, even a residential project will require approval from the city. A professional contractor knows exactly the types of permits required and how to obtain them.

2. Insurance

Professional contracting companies have liability insurance. This covers their crew should a worker be injured on the job. Are you willing to purchase insurance for a single project? If not, there could be liability issues if someone helping you out seriously injures himself.

3. Time Frame

Most DIY projects end up taking longer than anticipated. We have seen projects take three to four months when the self-appointed general contractor estimated a two-month time frame. More time means more labor and more cost.

Leave the Job to the Professionals

Contact C&S Construction to bring in a professional team to work on that new pole building or steel barn. Our gallery of work is a testament to our nearly two decades of experience. DIY building construction projects are tempting, but it’s not worth the trouble you will encounter.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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